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Business evaluation of machinery and equipment

Machinery and equipment are categories that include a huge variety of movable property. Consult with us and we will perform the necessary analyzes and determine the current value of your equipment. Units of similar equipment operating on the market are usually used as a basis. The degree of wear (depreciation) and the economic potential in the operation of the equipment are determined.

Machine and Equipment Evaluation Procedure

The appraisal activity as “machinery and equipment” includes all types of movable property that has no cultural value, including all types of production equipment, all types of motor and non-motor vehicles, electronic devices, specialized equipment, etc., as well as all permanently attached to real estate facilities – assembly lines, transport lines (cranes, hoists, escalators, elevators, mobile ramps, etc.), service systems and installations (in buildings and outdoors), etc.

The valuation is based on the main valuation approaches (revenue approach, cost approach and market approach). A value can be presented both for the individual elements and for a set of all evaluated objects, taking into account the type, purpose and ability of the individual equipment or machine to function independently.

The evaluation of Machinery and Equipment is carried out according to a certain regulation. Initially, the equipment is inspected, data on its current condition are collected and its individual characteristics are taken into account. Then an analysis of the market is performed and a methodology for evaluation is selected, in accordance with the qualities and features of the machines and equipment subject to evaluation. Once the optimal techniques are applied, an assessment is made according to the approved methodology. The process of evaluation of Machinery and Equipment ends with the preparation of an evaluation report with a standardized form and content.

Required documents:

  • Documents certifying the right of ownership over the assets – contracts, invoices, certified inventory book;
  • Information about: Book value, Acquisition value; Year of acquisition; Passport of the machine; Copy of large coupon for vehicles; Purchase Invoice.

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