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Valuation of intangible assets

According to International Valuation Standards, the valuation of intangible assets includes four main classes of identifiable intangible assets to help comply with the requirement to clearly define the assets being valued and the nature of the right or interest being valued. These classes are: – related to marketing, –...

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Expert appraisal of real estate

Lasto Engineering offers the following types of real estate appraisals: Land properties – land plots, regulated land plots, agricultural land, forests Residential properties – apartments, houses, floor of a house, villas, residential buildings / complexes and adjacent to them – parking lots, garages, parking lots Commercial properties – individual...

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Business evaluation of machines and equipment

Business evaluation of machinery and equipment Machinery and equipment are categories that include a huge variety of movable property. Consult with us and we will perform the necessary analyzes and determine the current value of your equipment. Units of similar equipment operating on the market are usually used as...

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Business valuation of enterprises and commercial companies

Business evaluation of entire enterprises The valuation of each property is a purposeful process, subject to certain rules and laws. The valuation of a commercial enterprise is a process of determining the total value of the business, which depends on the value of tangible and intangible assets and liabilities,...

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Expert assessment of agricultural land

Expert assessment of agricultural land “Agricultural land” means all land falling within the territory of a settlement, which is not part of the road transport network and is not designated for another type of activity. They can be summarized as – fields, pastures, meadows, orchards, vineyards and more. Their...

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