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Expert assessment of agricultural land

“Agricultural land” means all land falling within the territory of a settlement, which is not part of the road transport network and is not designated for another type of activity. They can be summarized as – fields, pastures, meadows, orchards, vineyards and more.

Their specificity is based on the location (accessibility to the property, water supply and its distance from the settlement), the relief, the soil profile, the degree of environmental pollution, its categorization, etc.

“Permanent crops” include all orchards, vineyards, as well as all gardens planted with perennials (strawberries, raspberries, etc.). In assessing them, in addition to the above characteristics, take into account the annual fruiting, product quality, remaining life of plantations, relevant facilities and improvements in the property (irrigation systems, drainage, regulatory systems and other ancillary equipment), the market situation of the product. , at the time of the assessment and other factors determined by the specifics of the property.

Procedure for expert assessment of real estate.

– submission of an application for real estate appraisal
– preliminary inspection of the property
– preparation and submission of the evaluation report

Main factors influencing the value of agricultural land

In most cases, the value of the land is influenced by such factors as location, transport accessibility, availability of communications, shape, size, etc. When assessing agricultural land, the value is further influenced by the quality of soil fertility.

Among the main factors that determine the fertility of the land are the qualitative characteristics of the soil layer (nutrient content, moisture content, aeration, mechanical composition, structural composition, acidity, etc.) relief and microclimate. Thus, for example, agricultural land in the northern part of the country (the Danube plain) is valued by the market more expensively than agricultural land in the regions of Southern Bulgaria.

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